We have designed our areas to suit little hands and little imaginations. Each area is themed and contains various props to allow children to play and interact with one another learning and building valuable skills in a safe and friendly environment.

Playarea 1

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Village Shop

Let the purse strings loose as your child enjoys browsing and buying some of their favourite items, in the village shop either placing them in their basket or shopping trolley as they stroll through the aisles. Or they may be a cashier working on the counter and till, bagging up the goods and counting the pennies. Not only will your child be building, communication and teamwork skills here but also this area encourages counting, colours, numbers and shapes.

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Down at the Farm

In this area your little one can "get their hands dirty" digging up the veggies or picking apples from the trees which will be sold at the farmer's market, collect the eggs from the chickens and tend to the farmer's sheep and pigs. Your little one may want to tend to Mia, Farmer Stu's horse or sweep up the autumn fall leaves. If they have a particular inkling for engines (as my little boy does) taking a ride on Farmer Stu's tractor might put a smile on their face! Again colours and numbers skills are learnt here.

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Mary's Café

Your little one will love dressing up as a chef and cooking up a storm in the kitchen, preparing meals for friends and parents. Making pasta and pizzas along with other culinary delights! After a big meal what better than a nice cup of tea or coffee to accompany one of the many cakes and biscuits Mary's café has on offer.

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Veterniary Clinic

Little hands can get creative with plasters and bandages tending to poorly animals that enter the clinic. Pull on your vets coat and get tending to little paws. Lucky, the wobbly whippet, could do with some TLC whilst a whole host of other little paws await their medicines and care and attention from your little budding vet.

Playarea 2

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Powell's Construction Site

Budding builders delight, little ones can let imaginations run wild, building by hand with bricks and tools or becoming an expert with the power tools! Why not have a ride on a dump truck or drive the digger round the site? Possibilities are endless down at the construction site!

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Make Believe High Street

Little ones can play make believe and do just like mammy and daddy do, taking a trip to the shops in their new car or motorbike, they may even need to stop for petrol on the way. Let little feet tire as they ride around the road making all necessary stops on the way.

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Bright Smile Dentist

Kids love the dentist, sitting in the chair and opening wide to show those pearly whites! I hope you have been brushing day and night and not had too many sweets, as you will need to open wide and be checked over by little dentists in the making!

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Bob's Theatre

Tiny hands can rummage through the rails and enter a magical world dressing up like their favourite princess or superhero. Our rails are very vast offering a large range of different costumes catering for all. Once in costume the stage awaits! Large mirrors allow little eyes to see how they look and pose until their hearts are content.

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Baby Area

Pre-walker's area for those tiny tots, with interactive and sensory toys to engage and stimulate even the tiniest of babies.

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Police Area

Have your little one become a policeman or police woman for the day with our Police themed area. Wear some of the most favoured police uniforms including Jacket and police hat and get to ride in our in house police car available for anyone to drive!


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Car Park

We have a wide range of toys ranging from baby dolls to dinosaurs.

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We have a wide range of toys ranging from baby dolls to dinosaurs.

Visitor Reviews


Review by Glen Wheeler

A fantastic play group in the heart of Hartleppol!

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A Great Setup!

Review by Jacki Andrews

The best playgroup I have ever visited and I have

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A Great Day!

Review by Mark Blaydon

My little girl love every second of being at the

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A lovely PlayGroup!

Review by Rebbeca Wales

A really good Playgroup that also has free parking

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A lot of fun!

Review by Jack Fawcett

I brought my 3 year old to the playgroup last week

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Just amazing!

Review by Samantha Jacobs

From start to finish I was so impressed with this

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A fantastic play group in the heart of Hartlepool! I took my little boy here who enjoyed it so much, we will most certainly be back next week! Great for adults who also want to have a coffee a piece of cake and watch their child have fun!
The best playgroup I have ever visited and I have been in a few. This place has everything including a small cafe where you can have a coffee and cake, fantastic for the little ones to run around in!
My little girl love every second of being at the playgroup. We have been twice since playgroup opened already and it's a great £5 well spent for a 90 minute session. A really nice, safe environment for my little girl to play!
A really good Playgroup that also has free parking. I went to Make Believe on opening day which is located nicely (but tucked away) in Hartlepool. Very easy to get to and such a nice environment for children to play! Adults can relax whilst their children run around freely
I brought my 3 year old to the playgroup yesterday and all he is asking is "Can I go back tomorrow" we will certainly be returning to the playgroup next week as it allows me to relax and have a coffee whilst my son plays
From start to finish I was so impressed with this playgroup. Linzi who owns the playgroup was very welcoming and helpful when we got there. It's great to see such a playgroup in Hartlepool, something that has been missing for quite some time!